These book reviews are for readers as much as they are for authors, so below is a basic outline of how I write reviews.


The LatinxReads reviews offer a professional, spoiler-free assessment of books on the website . Though these book reviews are more casual than editorial reviews, their format will be similar because I think it is the most efficient and unbiased way to review. The book reviews are 400-500 words, and will always have at least one positive and one negative point in them. In addition, the final paragraph in the review will have “Money Quotes,” which are ideal for authors to quote from in their book marketing on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Nobles, etc. This “Money Paragraph” will generally not have any negative comments as it is reserved for exclusively neutral or positive comments. At the bottom of the review will be a 1-10 star rating of the book overall.

Some (but not all–I don’t stick to these exact questions every single time, but these are to give you an idea of what I think about when reviewing) of the questions I ask myself when rating a book:

Rubric for fiction books:

– Style (How well does the author write? Does it fit the book’s genre/target audience?)

– Emotion (Is the book likely to make the reader feel something? E.g. sadness, happiness, excitement, disdain, anticipation, accomplishment, etc.)

– Pros & Cons (How strong are the book’s strengths and how weak are its weaknesses?)

– Enjoyment (How much would a reader enjoy this book?)

– Character development (How was the character development? Were the characters distinct?)

– Plot progression (Was the book predictable? Did the pace positively/negatively affect the flow of the story?)

Rubric for non-fiction books:

*depending on what kind of non-fiction it is, some of the questions from the fiction rubric can be applied

– Pertinent information (Did the book have too much “fluff” or filler?)

– Ease of reading (Was it an enjoyable read? Does it go too far over the reader’s head?)

– Education (Does the reader learn something? Does it feel like a copy/paste of a dictionary or encyclopedia?)

– Expectation (Does the reader learn the things the book promised?)